Optimal dehumidification, without demolition!

Optimal dehumidification, without demolition!
  • A strong expertise

    Generally speaking, during our emergency work, 97% of water is visible and removable. To dehumidify the remaining 3%, without demolition and fungal contamination, is an expertise that we have developed over the years and that we have come to master with perfection. In fact, water and humidity that is trapped in material behind doors, under flooring, and in ceilings, should be dehumidified to avoid any potential structural damage or mold infiltration, which can put health at risk.

  • The knowledge

    This expertise is the result of countless years of research and development undergone in our laboratories, the knowledge of our highly qualified technicians, and our commitment to ongoing professional development.

  • We will take charge of the dehumidification operation

    Regardless of the material-type used for your walls (simple or double plasterboard, with or without acoustic wool or insulation, terracotta, plaster, cement, etc.), we will take charge of the dehumidification operation, even in the presence of Asbestos.

  • Highest hygienic norms

    In line with the highest hygienic norms, Assek Technologie applies all of the preventative measures required and always refers to the protocols tied to the diverse risk groups to keep all locations safe and sound throughout the dehumidification process.

  • 72h

    Thanks to the internally developed technology, we can guarantee a dehumidification process that is optimized and quickly executed, allowing you to get back to your regular routine. Regardless of the extent of damage, we are capable of dehumidifying anything within a 72-hour period, saving you time and money. As a matter of fact, in comparison to demolition and reconstruction costs, you’ll be saving up to 50%!

Safely supervise your projects

Safely supervise your projects
  • Implementing preventative measures

    After many years of working in hospitals and educational establishments, we have noticed that many of these buildings are at varying levels of risk. Implementing preventative measures is generally part of the construction contract in high-risk environments to secure the work environment and its surrounding neighbours. Unfortunately, more than often, there is a divide when it comes to environment safety and reality. Reduced air quality, high noise levels, excessive vibrations, irregular humidity and temperature levels, are all factors that can affect occupants.

  • Recent technological advancements

    Thanks to recent technological advancements, it is now possible to control various aspects pertaining to sensitive environments. Many parameters can be accessed from afar: the negative or positive pressure level of any given environment, the number of particles and quantity of Co2 found in the air, the noise level and surrounding vibrations, temperature, relative humidity, as well as the water density of any given material. A notification system can be adjusted according to these parameters so that any irregular values collected will be communicated to the person in charge. Being able to access such values in real-time enables proactivity and allows managers to react rapidly and correct the alarming situation before further damage is done. This information is vital to validate that all activities are running safely throughout the entire process.

  • Our control center

    In order to protect our occupants, Assek Technologie has implemented an environment control service that provides users with the tools necessary to control the sensitive environment areas. Our control center and our data center help measure the impact of the affected areas in regards to its occupants. Contact us to learn more.




Since its early beginnings, Assek Technologie has been committed to adopting thorough research and development methodologies that reinvent demolition-free dehumidification for buildings. Health, safety and innovation are of utmost importance as they help us protect lives. Each invention we create undergoes a scientific development and optimization process that adheres to industry standards and optimizes our dehumidification results.


Assek Technologie’s specialized dehumidification techniques will save you substantial amounts of money in comparison to the high cost of demolition and reconstruction. In addition, our exclusive procedures, based solely on our project management expertise, will save you (or, even eliminate) additional secondary or hidden costs such as: exploitation loss, relocation of occupants, as well as the time allotted to internal resources during a crisis. Moreover, our internally developed and optimized tools allow us to cut back on the dehumidification time, saving you up to 50% of the costs involved in pricey traditional methods.


Assek Technologie’s innovative dehumidification process is thoroughly executed, in record time. Our Secur-Air targeted dehumidification process allows us to restore any material in just a few hours. This means that you’re back at it, in no time. Our specialized project management software also enables us to collect data and propose an optimized intervention plan that will suit your needs and timeline. The speed at which we execute our projects is the fruit of our labor. After years upon years of countless research and development allocations spent on questioning, testing, and optimizing new dehumidification methods, we proudly continue to innovate and stay one step ahead, at all times.


Control is crucial to project management. Assek Technologie always keeps this top of mind and we have developed a digitally based solution to manage water damage. With this software, all essential information is just a click away, which helps our team make smart decisions quickly. Secur is the first project management software of its kind. Being specialized in the dehumidification of buildings, Secur allows our technicians to follow the evolution of the dehumidification processes right from our control room. With cutting-edge technology, Secur measures various distance parameters in real-time and notifies the team when irregular data is detected. With Assek Technologie, nothing goes unnoticed.


All of our interventions are certified and guaranteed. Our expertise paired with our demolition-free building dehumidification will ensure the perfection of each completed project. At the end of each intervention, wipe samples may be taken from water and humidity damaged material, depending on the situational requirements (high-risk groups) or upon customer request. These samples are then sent to an independant laboratory where they are analyzed in order to ensure that any trace of fungal contamination is exempt. Furthermore, we will send you a final report detailing our intervention, along with a guarantee covering the work that has been done. Only Assek Technologie offers the White Cross TM Guarantee, granting you complete peace of mind.