• The Secur Solution: Automation at its best

    The Secur solution is a web application that has been developed internally. It simplifies project management and allows us to keep a close eye on all of our dehumidification projects. This cutting-edge solution compiles, analyzes, and treats water damage-related information from our secured data center. These operations lead to multiple automated processes such as: estimations, the management of human resources and materials, the selection of optimal dehumidification techniques to be put in place, the follow up of the dehumidification process, billing, as well as the final report.

  • Planning and efficiency with the security of occupants in mind

    Once damage has been caused by water, it is imperative to react quickly to avoid moisture and mildew build-up. The Secur solution accelerates the work implementation needed to guarantee a unique and precise diagnosis process which is unmatched by industry standards. Within a matter of 6 hours, you can expect our team to be on site and ready to work. This diagnosis takes into consideration the areas affected, the type of materials, the groups at risk and the preventive measures necessary to guarantee the security of the occupants. In addition, a detailed timetable outlining the different steps is supplied to the customer in a timely manner. This drastically eases the planning required and returns areas back to functionality all while maintaining security in a short delay.

  • A solution based on transparency

    After every diagnosis, each customer receives a detailed estimate of the work needed that is transparent and will always be respected. Once accepted, the work is started in priority by the areas most sensitive and at risk. The dehumidification process can be monitored at all times by the customer via a secure web platform.

  • Power at your fingertips

    Equipped with a touchscreen tablet, our technicians are assisted by Secur solutions to assure the efficiency and consistency required in applying the most innovative dehumidification techniques. This device, combined with wireless technologies, allows for a real-time synchronization to the server database and computation engine that was developed in collaboration with the department of research and development. This structure allows the reception of information concerning the dehumidification progress as well as the ability to modify the parameters of the equipment used from afar. These proven methods ensure that ASSEK Technologie is equipped and capable of leading projects in a manner that is efficient, responsible and above all, safe.



  • Secur-Air, another Assek Technologie approved innovation

    Secur-Air is the end result of multiple years of research and development that pertains to dehumidification techniques. This uniquely revolutionary system was designed and perfected in-house by researchers and specialists in the field.

  • Ensure a targeted dehumidification process

    Its functionality is very simple and very effective. The process works by directing the required air currents needed for dehumidification, directly into the wall cavities where humidity is detected. This direct air injection system is now possible thanks to different injectors developed, fabricated and tested in our laboratories.

  • A guaranteed control of particles in the air

    Conventional dehumidification methods displace millions of square feet of air by day in a random and uncontrolled method. Secur-Air limits unnecessary movement of air, thus diminishing the number of particles released into the air. This method has proven its efficiency in the preventing the proliferation of airborne viruses, as well as reducing the risk of nosocomial viruses.

  • Less equipment needed

    A well thought-out layout of our pipes allows for a targeted dehumidification process, which reduces the amount of equipment needed on site for the dehumidification process, noise and power consumption.

  • Minimize the dehumidification time

    The direct air injection method used by Secur-Air ensures a thorough and uniform dehumidification method. This method is up to 4 times faster than conventional methods that are based on air currents around wet zones. A maximum control on the hygrometric parameters of the air injected into the wall cavities allows for the accelerated dehumidification process, which can sometimes take less than 36 hours for a complete room.

  • Allows activities to be continued during the dehumidification operations

    The reduced number of equipment recommended by our Secur system, as well as our know-how and ingenuity in solving complex problems allows us to keep functional access and rooms operational even during our dehumidification operations. This advantage allows vital services to remain operational and to reduce losses related to halts in production, all while maintaining the highest hygienic and salubrity standards.


Our labs

  • Innovation

    Since its early beginnings, Assek Technologie has been committed to adopting thorough research and development methodologies that reinvent demolition-free dehumidification for buildings. Health, safety and innovation are of utmost importance as they help us protect lives. Each invention we create undergoes a scientific development and optimization process that adheres to industry standards and optimizes our dehumidification results.

  • Digital Simulation

    After determining the needs and creating a model, digital simulations are used to understand the functions and dynamics of the desired system required for the intervention. The latter is based on theoretical models using finished element techniques. This provides us with an overview of the complex system development. The graphic interfaces allow us to foresee the dehumidification results and improve the system prior to creating it. Given that real testing is no longer required, our solution is cost efficient and allows us to deliver finished products rapidly.

  • Creation and Prototype Fabrication

    Once the technique qualities and functional characteristics are validated, we can move onto the design and creation of the prototype. This step is controlled by the best 3D computer-assisted software and three-dimensional printers, which use plastic as their primary material. Each prototype is uniquely designed for specific projects. The prototypes are adapted to cater each of our clients’ unique needs.

  • Testing and Analysis

    Before we move on to producing a full series, we test every prototype developed in our research and development center. Each system or accessory must pass a series of arduous testing to adhere to the recommended industry standards and internal conventions. The tests and water damage simulations undergone in our laboratories reveal vital information that we cautiously analyze to ensure the quality, efficiency, safety, pertinence and result accuracy of our inventions. If results are inadequate, adjustments are made to guarantee the performance of our inventions.

  • Application

    Once the system has been tested and validated, it’s time to put the prototype to the test in real situations. Data will be collected for analytical and comparison purposes. The data will then be used as a basis to question each invention we create and guide us as we push each one even further in terms of strategy, sustainability, and Assek Technologie’s unique approach, which is deeply rooted in revolutionizing demolition-free dehumidification techniques and technologies.


Our procedure


When water damage occurs, it’s essential to ensure the quality and health of occupants. This is why we work to diagnose every situation quickly and thoroughly. The data collected by our Secur software groups essential information, which helps our team make informed decisions that take into account the presence of various risk groups, your priorities, as well as any restraints that you may face.

Intervention Plan

The diagnostic step is followed by a detailed and informative intervention plan. The plan includes a listing of affected rooms and zones, the preventative measures required for each area, a list of the necessary equipment, the energy required, an exact quote of the costs inferred, as well as the time needed for the dehumidification process. Once each concerned department approves the quote, the plan is implemented to ensure that everything is up and running as per usual, as soon as possible.

Preventative Measures

Depending on the nature of the work being done in the affected rooms or zones and the risk-level exposed to the occupants using it, certain preventative measures may be implemented. These measures are deployed prior to beginning any dehumidification operations and they respect all hygiene and infection prevention norms.


Once risks are under control, we move on to dehumidifying the structures, which prevents mildew from infiltrating. In most cases, we use the Secur-Air system that executes the work in record time, prevents demolition, and minimizes costly, time consuming, crisis management operations. Throughout the process, managers are informed of the evolution and kept up to date to so that they can return to running their operations, as they typically do.


During the work, Assek Technologie works on site and from a distance to monitor the dehumidification data that is being collected by our experts. This ensures a successful dehumidification operation that is duly completed on time. Microbiological samples are taken in risk areas and are sent to an independent laboratory for analysis and to certify that the affected zones are not contaminated.


Our intervention is finalized with a precise and detailed report that includes various graphs relating to the work undergone during the dehumidification process, “before and after” thermography photos, as well as the results of the microbiological testing which confirms the absence of fungal contamination in the most critical areas.